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I've set up an open directory of admissions consulting services like IvyWise, Essay Edge and others where families can anonymously review their experience working with them.

IvyWise actually has an entry on the index

Anyone weighs in on their experience would be doing a service to the whole educational community.


Claire Ann

Hi True NYC,

David and Meredith, we were pleased to meet you at the recent Small Biz Tech Summit earlier in 2008!

This might be an appropriate point at which to post a comment. We provide a similar service to what Katherine does here, but with a more international twist.

International Study USA helps international students access a nationwide US network of potential universities, colleges and private high schools.

Currently our focus is on helping Korean and German students come to America, but we will be broadening our target market as we expand. Our service helps international students to access...

- undergraduate level studies (See website for a list of majors)
- graduate level studies (including MBA in the USA)
- private high schools (day schools and boarding schools)

We also organize internships (Praktikum) in the USA, with a focus on using English in the workplace.


Further questions (and business partnerships from the entrepreneur world!) are most welcome. Please have a look at our website for more details.


Claire Ann

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