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Mr. Britt, you nailed it. When I go to lunches, functions, etc... I try to find out the details about what people do. I personally find it fascinating to see what other people do. You have to be genuine of course though.

Louis Menashe

Any recommendations. I am going to an alumni dinner next week. What is the best way to tell about my success, but still seem interested in what my past peers have to say? Thanks

Matthew Britt

Thanks for the comments and question. I really appreciate you taking the time to read the article and then ask for some advice. Being willing to learn from others is a great virtue and one that will surely help lead you to success in everything you do. Regarding the question, What is the best way to tell about my success, but still seem interested in what my past peers have to say?

Well Louise you will find that when you are truely interested in the lives of the other people from your class they will in turn eventually want to know about all of the things in your life. The key is to not stay on you for a long time. Try to answer their questions and give out bits and pieces of information about your life but then quickly focus the conversation back to them. You will see that their faces will brighten since you keep bringing the conversation back to their most favourite subject, themselves. Once you really learn how to master these skills in conversation you will find that you are able to get out your most important things about yourself but still manage to be in total control of the conversation. By the way, the one who controls the conversation is the one who is asking the questions, not the one doing all the talking. I hope that this gives you a little insight and assists your dinner night.

Happy networking

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