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Matthew Britt

I would have to agree with you on the fact that grammer and spelling are only important to a certain degree. Obviously we will do our best to make the article perfect and proof read, but reality is as you said mistakes will be made. No matter what book I read I always notice a mistake or two on the pages, does that make those writers lose credibility? Well I would say yes if the pages were littered with mistakes but that isn't the case. I don't think that any article you or I write will be full of mistakes but we may find one or two once in a while and I say no big deal....The main idea is what really matters isn't it?

PS no one checked my grammer on this one...just call me mr risk-taker :)

Glenys Cepeda

I love this article. I always worry so much about what I’m writing because English is my second language. Sometimes I call people instead of sending them e-mail because I worry so much about my grammar.

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