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Matthew Britt

David, great article and view-point. I totally agree with you on the topic. Sharing our expertise on topics that we are passionate about is a great way to develop a huge income stream. You label (position) yourself as an expert and people will come from miles around to hear, see and learn from you. People are always dieing to have their problems solved and if in some way you can make life easier you can be paid handsomely for that effort. The more value you add to society the more money you will make. I have the same vision as you it sounds and I am glad to be a part of the TrueNYC community. Two thumbs up to you and a big way to go for your vision and inspiration.
Matthew Britt
BILLIONAIRE (in training)

Davd Schnurman

Thanks Matthew, I really appreciate the kind remarks!

Shannon Jernigan

Great Article David. There is an old saying" I learn more by listening than by talking". In my own personal life's many experiences was when I learned to do that. I thought I had to tell people about me. Wrong> A little yes, but the "art of listening " opens many many doors that are so unexpected. Thanks for the refreshing article David.

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